Our previous picture show curated a list of ten well-known film noirs (A List of Ten Must-See Film Noirs). Now we’re flipping the script: a list of ten lesser-known (albeit exceptional) film noirs.

We’re also expanding our time horizon to include movies beyond the putative 1948 or 1949 film-noir apogee.

Draw the blinds, dim the lights, and prepare a highball (or two) of whiskey. No, it isn’t bedtime — it’s noir o’clock.

First, a trailer:

  • Sorry, Wrong Number (1948)

Where do gritty guys, duplicitous dames, and surreptitious shadows all meet? At the picture show. But not just any picture show: We’re talking about film noirs — some of the best of them.

Since the film noir movement's de facto height was arguably in 1948 or 1949, we’ve left out film noirs beyond 1949. However, there are many great noir pictures that came out of the ’50s. …

Source: Molinari, J. (2014).

To all those living their life at sea.

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Neil Bruce Agnew

Writer. Musician. Super 8 filmmaker. Crossword puzzle creator. Associate at fintech company.

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